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Praise for Then I Met My Sister:

Kirkus Reviews: "Sensitive ... engaging ... absorbing."

School Library Journal: "Intriguing enough to read in one sitting."

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Green Tea and Beyond

Green TeaThis book discusses the values of green tea as having antioxidant benefits as well as healing attributes. A particular emphasis is placed on the Asian population because they tend to benefit from the increased amount of green tea in their diets. They have less cancer of the mouth, colon, prostate and bladder, as well as less cardiovascular disease, obesity and high blood pressure. Some diseases are virtually nonexistent in China and Japan, such as xerostamia, or dry mouth, which affects fully a third of elderly Americans. People throughout millennia have intuited and demonstrated the healing properties of green tea. Green tea is an integral part of the Asian culture because they have learned from centuries of folklore, anecdotal evidence and conventional wisdom that the beverage is good for them. Click the image of the book cover to purchase a copy of "Green Tea and Beyond" from the Nova Publishing website.

About the authors:

Dr. Stephen Hsu, associate professor at the DrHsuMedical College of Georgia, Is a world-renowned expert on the healing properties of green tea, having authored more than fifty articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He earned a Ph,D. in cell biology and anatomyfrom the University of Cincinnati and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He presents his research findings at scientific meetings worldwide. Besides his research and invention career, Dr. Hsu’s life experience also Includes being a forced farm laborer in China and a sports anchor at ESPN.

Christine Tea

Christine Hurley Deriso has overseen publications at the Medical College of Georgia for more than twenty years. She is a frequently published author and contributor to national magazines. Green tea has been a regular part of her diet since she began working with Dr. Hsu in 2001.



Then I Met My Sister